Why Did My Microbladed Brows Get Discolored

Having your Microbladed eyebrows get discolored, can be very scary come to think of it. Especially when we don’t know why it has happened in the first place. These color shifts are not harming in any way, your brows are completely fine.

So before going into your panic mode. Continue Reading, for we have put together the main reason as to why your brows may change into a certain color and we will share with you some tips to fix them.

Why Did My Microbladed Brows Go Pink

They are two main reasons why your microbladed brows may turn pink;

1 – Microblading Combo Color Shades

If your brow color requires a mixture of different color pigments, like for say Ginger and Brown. These colors usually include red, blue, white, black, green, and yellow pigments.

However, Green and Yellow are the weakest color and will leave the body first. Red and Blue are the strongest color that will be left back as residue, some call it old pigment. So this is why over time, you may experience your brows turning a pinky-orange color.

2 – Not Going for Microblading Follow-ups & Retouches

Not having your retouch done when needed can cause discoloration. Retouches are very important if you want your microbladed brows to last longer and keep them from getting discolored.

However, if done infrequently or not done at all the residue that will remain from the first session will leave a pinky-orange color.

Why Did My Microblading Go Blue-Green

1- Microblading and Your Skin Tone

Through our healing process, your phagocytes cell will carry the pigments to different layers of the skin, either up or deeper down. Now the color will change to either blue or green, depending on your skin tone and your skin type.

If you are of a warmer tone it can appear green, and if you are of a cooler tone it can show a bluish color.

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Why Did My Microbladed Brows Go Red

The main reasons why your microbladed brows turned red are:

1 – Microblading Exposure To The Sun

Microbladed brows gone red? Well, this is because of the UV Exposure they had. It is highly recommended to protect your brows from the sun. That’s because of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB Rays, which will fade your brows drastically into a red-orangy color.

2 – Facial Products on Microbladed Brows

Facial products can cause your microbladed brows to have a color shift. These facial products like; your facial cleanser, moisturizer, and/ or hydration boosts.

These items can contain Retin-A, Tritanol, Hyaluronic, Acid, Vitamin C. these ingredients can provoke a chemical reaction causing the pigments to turn reddish.

3 – Chlorinated Water on Microbladed Brows

Chlorinated water contains certain chemicals that can cause discoloration to your microbladed pigments. Frequently using water with chlorine present can cause your brows to go red after a while. So it would be wise to try to avoid it.

4 – Microblading Gone Too Deep

This all depends on the knowledge and skill of your applicator. It is proven the more shallow and closer to the surface of the skin you are, the more reddish the color will fade.

How to avoid microbladed brows From going red

  • Protect your Microbladed Brows From The UV Rays. Less sun exposure the better. It would be recommended to use Sunscreen, especially one containing zinc oxide.
  • Avoid Putting Facial Products Directly onto the Brows Area when you are doing your normal facial routines.
  • Avoid chlorinated water,  or Protect Your Brows by Applying Vaseline or Aquaphor on Them. This will create a barrier between them and the chlorine.

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Why did my microblading go orange?

1 – Microblading and Hormonal Imbalance

If your body is iron deficient, it will want to absorb it from the ink which will leave you with orange-looking eyebrows.

Why did my microblading go grey/ ash?

After a while having your brows laminated you have noticed they are beginning to turn grey or ashy looking. This is because your applicator went too deep when depositing the pigments.

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How to fix microblading discoloration

1 – Color Correct your Microbladed Brows

Color correction is a service many applicators provide now. Seeing that our microblading pigments will fade eventually or shift into other colors. Brow correction is literally the next best thing.

This is one of the most immediate solutions for microblading discoloration.

Color correction is basically an additional cosmetic tattoo to the same area. The applicator will use the opposite color, to the one the pigments have faded into. These colors are now selected accordingly to the color wheel.

The color on the opposite side of the color wheel will neutralize the unattractive shade and significantly diminish its visibility.

Microblading Correction Color Wheel

Microblading Correction Color Wheel
Microblading Correction Color Wheel

2 – Removing your microblade pigments professionally

Removing your microblading can take some time seeing that you are required to let your brows heal in-between sessions. these procedures tend to usually be very costly.

This is because one removal session will not be able to get the job done. Meaning you will need a few of these sessions for a complete removal.

Wanting to Fix your Failed Microblading brows by having them professionally removed & want to learn more about the types and procedures. Click Here For more on: Having Your Microbladed Pigment Removed Professionally

3 – Removing your microbladed brows at home

Trying to remove your microblading eyebrows at home can be a bit risky and a bit painful, especially if you are not properly advised. Beware that these DIY Methods can potentially cause scarring if not properly applied. 

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how can I hide my Failed microblading Brows

1 – Using Makeup To Hide Microblading Fails

Using cosmetic make-up can not fix this issue, but can solve the problem temporarily. By using makeup you can hide the discoloration until you have decided on how you will go about dealing with it.

How to Can I Hide My Old Microblading With Makeup

By applying makeup to your old pigments you can hide the residues that were left behind. Do note that this is a temporary method.

  1. Cleans area with facial cleanser
  2. Apply your normal moisturizers
  3. Then followed by your primer on the area
  4. Use your regular concealer and apply it over pigmented area
  5. Now apply your foundation using a damp beauty blender
  6. Your will now take your brow pencil and fill in the area you want, or by drawing hairlike strokes using a Microblading Brow Pen.

2 – Cutting bangs to Hide Microblading Fails

Cutting bangs can hide your microbladed fails perfectly. This semi-permanent solution will give you enough time to decide how you will fix your brows

You can also see face flick Clip-on Bangs on Amazon

Video on Step-By-Step to Cut Bangs

3 – wearing caps To Hide Microblading Fails

When going out your perfect cover for your microbladed fail will be to wear a cap. This will not only keep your brows hidden but will also protect from UV Rays.

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