Refectocil Eyebrow Tint Review – Is it Safe & How to Use

Refectocil Eyebrow Tint Review - Is it Safe & How to Use
Refectocil Eyebrow Tint Review – Is it Safe & How to Use

We are all after Salon tinted eyebrows, but tinting sessions can be costly and time-consuming. One solution to this is the Refectocil Eyebrow Tint, which is widely used and well-formulated to give you long-lasting tinted brows.

We will also be discussing the side effects and other issues that should be known before going ahead with this tint. While Guiding you step-by-step to avoid any mishaps.

Is Refectocil Eyebrow Tint Safe

The Refectocil Eyebrow Tint is considered relatively safe, especially if it was patch tested before using it for brow enhancement. However, This tint is not FDA-approved and is not advised to be used on persons with extra sensitive skin or if you are allergic to any ingredient in its formulation.

Can You Use Refectocil Tint On Sensitive Skin

RefectoCil dyes are generally safe for anyone. However, for persons with very sensitive skin, it’s highly recommended to use their RefectoCil Sensitive Dyes. As this is formulated with gentler ingredients.  

How Long Does The Refectocil Last

After using the Refectocil eyebrow tint you will be able to enjoy bolder and fuller-looking eyebrows for 5-6 weeks. Results last according to the care received, as well as certain facial cleansers can also cause it to fade faster.

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How Often Can You Use Refectocil

You can use the Refectocil Dye for eyebrow enhancements 6 weeks apart. Avoid using this dye too frequently, as it can lead to over-processing and eventually damage your brow hairs.

How To Use Refectocil Tint

Before tinting your eyebrows, you should have a Patch test done 24 hours before application. If clear of all possible adverse and allergic reactions you may proceed.

  1. Cleansing your eyebrows

Properly clean your brows so that there are no oil or makeup residues. As this can hinder the effectiveness of the pigments.

  1. Prepare your color

Use a clean container and mix your dye with its developer (the mixture should be a 50:50 ratio) as required by directions.

  1. Outline your desired eyebrow shape

Outlining your brows before helps to prevent; too thick and out-of-shape brows. For further protection, you can apply vaseline around your outline in case of any smudges (vaseline makes it easy to clean up).

  1. Apply the dye to your eyebrows

You can use an angled brush (which makes application easier) and apply the dye to your eyebrows, application should be done to the brow tail first, and then the top area.

Make sure that the dye is well applied between hairs and skin.

  1. Processing time

After the application is complete, you will now have to wait for an 8-10 minutes processing time. So that the dye stains your skin and coats your hair strands.

  1. Cleansing eyebrows

After the processing time, dampen a clean cotton pad and gently wipe away the excessive dye over and around your eyebrow areas.

So there you have it, perfectly bolder, fuller-looking brows. However, In the case of; eyebrows not being dark as desired, you can go over the procedure again.

Where to Get Refectocil Eyebrow Tint

The Refectocil Eyebrow Tint is very popular and can be found at your local shop. However, to ensure you get your required shade you can click here to see it on Amazon

Click here to see the price on Amazon of a recommended angled brush that is flat and sturdy enough, for an easy and proper application.

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Do You Have To Use Refectocil Oxidant With Refectocil Tint

Refectocil Oxidant developers are specifically formulated to blend well with their Refectocil Dyes. Using other developers can risk chemical reactions, give uneven results, or discoloration to pigments.

Refectocil Oxidant Developer comes in two forms; Liquid and Cream either one can be used, as they just influence the texture of the mixture.

Do You Need Developer For Refectocil

Short answer Yes, you do need a developer when using the Refectocil dye to darken your eyebrows. Developers are responsible for lifting the hair’s cuticles so that pigments can easily tint the eyebrow strands.

Can I Mix Hydrogen Peroxide With Refectocil

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% can be used in place of the Refectocil Oxidant Developer. As it works just as effectively as their recommended developer.

Processing Time for the Refectocil Brow Dye

After applying the Refectocil dye to the eyebrows, you can leave it for 5- 10 minutes of processing time. The longer you leave it on the darker your eyebrows will be.

Processing times are very important when it comes to tints and dyes. As leaving them on for too long can lead to over-processing your brows, and this can be damaging to both hair and skin. Click here to learn more about –How to avoid Over-Processed, Damaged Brows. Including How to Fix Them

How Do You Remove Refectocil Tint

Refectocil does have a Tint Remover for both normal skin and sensitive skin types. But, you can easily remove unwanted tint using any oil-based remover.

But if you are pursuing the Refectocil Tint Remover you can click here to see it on Amazon.

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Side Effects Of Refectocil

The Refectocil eyebrow tint will effectively help you to imitate fuller-looking brows. But, if precautions and proper guidance are ignored you can be at risk for:

  1. Adverse reactions such as; swelling, redness, irritation, and even itchiness may occur if your skin is too sensitive for it.
  2. Allergic reactions may occur if you are allergic to any ingredient in its formulation.
  3. It could cause damage to eyebrow hair if over-processed, causing strands to become weak and even leading to fallout.

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It’s advised to get this dye patch test 24 hours before using so as to avoid certain mishaps.

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