Is Brow Lamination Safe For Pregnancy & Safer Alternatives

Is Brow Lamination Safe for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Is Brow Lamination Safe for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

There is no medical restriction on Brow Lamination during the course of pregnancy. But as safe as Brow Lamination may seem, it is still not recommended for persons who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Citation.

However, there are cases of pregnant women having their brows laminated and it was completely okay and unharming to the baby.

But pregnancy is one of those times our body is prone to a lot of health issues and that’s why we take the extra step in avoiding any real complications.

Why brow lamination is not safe for pregnancy

Brow lamination solutions do contain a certain amount of chemicals, that have never been studied, to show how they affect you during pregnancy which is why it is not recommended.

Now brow lamination can potentially be harmful during pregnancy if the solutions used are too harsh. It is advisable to refrain from any sort of untested chemicals while breastfeeding or during pregnancy.

Different brands mean different chemical solutions, some harsher than others. See below for what harsh brow laminating solutions can most likely cause.

Is Brow Lamination safe for pregnancy
Is Brow Lamination safe for pregnancy

1 – Chemicals can be absorbed into the bloodstream

This occurs if there are bruises or small cuts on the skin and application of harsh chemicals (perming solutions) are done over those tiny wounds.
Even though Brow lamination solutions are usually very mild, it is still best to not take any risk.

2 – The unwelcoming scented and irritants from the solutions can cause an adverse reaction.

The high hormone levels present can create an elevated level of sensitivity which is likely to cause adverse reactions; such as becoming nauseous, redness on the skin, and skin irritations.

3 – It messes with your pH levels

The perm solution they use in brow lamination can be harsh enough to reduce your PH level. (A PH balance below 4.5 indicates that certain types of bacteria are multiplying, this can cause preterm labor.) Citation

4 – Inconsistent results may occur

Like receiving “false” labor pains or the fetus may not be growing at the normal, expected rate during pregnancy.

5 – Damaging to fetus development if exposed to infectious agents and toxic substances.

Some of the chemical solutions used for brow lamination can be harmful, seeing that these products are not FDA Approved. Citation.

(The first 3 – 12 weeks period, is when the fetus is most vulnerable. During this period of time, all of the major organs and body systems are forming)

6 – Risks for those planning to Breastfeed a newborn

It is recommended to give it at least twelve weeks before getting your brows laminated before starting the breastfeeding process.

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Is brow lamination safe while breastfeeding

Brow Lamination safe while breastfeeding
Is Brow Lamination safe while breastfeeding

If planning on breastfeeding a newborn you should consult with your doctor and make sure the necessary precautions are taken, such as a patch test, before getting your brows laminated.

Now if your doctor consents it is recommended that you should wait 12 weeks minimum before breastfeeding begins.

It is not recommended to have brow lamination done during the course of breastfeeding. It would be wise to wait until after breastfeeding is complete. Citation

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Can brow lamination cause miscarriage

Brow lamination does contain chemicals that may or may not cause harm to your body. Due to the fact that these chemicals are indeed mild and not as harsh when compared to other chemicals.

Brow Lamination has never been proven to cause miscarriages. But it is advised by the experts to stay away from untested chemicals such as those used in brow lamination during pregnancy.

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Precautions when taking brow lamination During pregnancy

If by means you are still willing to take the risk and get your brows laminated whilst pregnant, you should:

  • Always get approval from your physician to make sure you’re suitable for the procedure.
  • Patch testing is highly recommended, especially in the case of pregnancy. Seeing that our bodies are extremely sensitive now rash, and irritations are more easily prone to occur.
  • It is not recommended to have brow lamination done while breastfeeding is being done. Our body can absorb certain chemicals, which can be harmful to your child.

brow lamination patch-testing During pregnancy

  • Patch testing is dropping or applying a little bit of product to your skin, and checking for any sort of reaction that may occur.
  • Patch tests are given at least 48 hours before any procedures. This is enough time to check for allergic reactions or any heightened irritation.
  • The applicator will apply a bit but enough of brow lamination solutions on your hand or most likely behind the ears. Citation

Signs to look for after patch testing brow lamination:

  1. Excessive redness
  2. Swelling
  3. Itchiness
  4. Irritation.
Signs to Look For When Patching Testing Brow Lamination
Signs to Look For When Patching Testing Brow Lamination

If any of these symptoms do occur, it is best to hold off on getting your brows laminated. It will just cause the same reaction onto your brows area.

what are some safer alternatives to brow lamination during pregnancy

Being pregnant and wanting to have amazing brows for your photoshoots and other events is something we completely understand.

Thankfully, they are a few effective ways to give you the flawless brows you want without putting you or your baby at any risk.

Safe Alternatives to Brow Lamination During Pregnancy are:

  1. Soap Brow Technique– Using translucent soaps are safe and affordable.
  2. Hair Gel– Using regular hair gel is very convenient.
  3. Brow Wax– Has a variety of shades perfect for everyone.
  4. Hair Spray– Long-lasting results for long days.
  5. Brow Gel– No harsh chemicals meaning perfect for extra sensitivity during pregnancy.

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