How To Remove & Lighten Microblading Thats Too Thick & Dark

How to Remove & Lighten Microblading Pigments
How to Remove & Lighten Microblading Pigments

So you had your eyebrows Microbladed and not so much enjoying the results you thought you would. They are either out of shape, too dark, or look too thick for your liking. The bottom line being, it looks like nothing you had imagined.

Remember that microblading is an invasive treatment that leaves your skin temporarily extra sensitive. This is why it is important that you use safe methods to either lighten or remove the pigment from your brows.

So that’s why we have put together a list of effective methods that can effectively lighten if not completely remove the dark pigments from your eyebrows, without any pain or health issues.

The 10 Best Ways to Remove and Lighten Microbladed Brows are:

  1. Ignoring Microblading Aftercare– Safest but Least Effective method.
  2. Using Skincare Products– Will Fade Pigments, but at a very Slow Rate.
  3. Using Salt Solution Method– One of the few Effective DIY method for pigment removal.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide Method– Good for fading, but not Suitable for Very Sensitive skin.
  5. Lemon Removal Treatment– Suitable for fading and perfect for Sensitive Skin.
  6. Saline Removal Treatment– Effectively Remove Pigments, But can be Expensive.
  7. Laser Removal Treatment – Remove Pigments, & is Pocket Friendly.
  8. Glycolic Acid Removal Treatment– Similar to Saline Treatment, it is more expensive, but less session are needed, compared to the saline treatment.
  9. Microneedling Removal Treatment– Effectively remove pigment after a few sessions but you Risk Scarring if Not done Properly.
  10. Plasma Fibroblast Removal Treatment– Great at Removing Pigments and Perfect for Sensitive Skin.

Can you remove microblading at home

Microblading is a form of brow tattoo done on the first layer of the skin which can be removed or lightened right at home. However, this process requires patience and effort.

If however, the pigment is too saturated, even the most effective DIY methods may not be able to remove it completely. It may however just fade the strokes by removing the pigments that hover over the top.

You can achieve a lighter shade and, in some cases, almost invisible. But if it is completely botched and too saturated, you should seek professional help about getting it professionally removed.

Microblading Removal
Microblading Removal

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ways to remove/ lighten your microbladed brows at home

These DIY at-home removal methods can effectively fade your microbladed pigments. However, they will take weeks if not months before any visible results.

1 – Ignoring Microblading aftercare

The microblading aftercare tips are highly recommended by the applicator to ensure long-lasting microbladed brows. So by doing the opposite of what’s recommended can help fade the pigments.

Be careful though! your skin is still very prone to infections, seeing that your brow area hasn’t been able to fully heal as yet. That is why you are required to follow all the health practices. Citation

2 – Using skincare products to fade microblading brows

Your applicator will highly advise against skincare products seeing that these products contain certain exfoliants such as Retinol, Vitamin C and E, AHAs, and BHAs.

With constant use, these products will eventually lighten your brows. It is, however, not an effective method if you are planning on completely removing them. Do note that this is a very slow process.

3 – Using salt to fade microblading

We can use salt to do a surface peel. It combines mild exfoliation with the property of sodium chloride which draws the pigments out of the skin, pulling it upwards to the surface.

  1. Gather a tiny bit of salt into a dry clean container.
  2. Give it a few drops of purified distilled water (or hydrogen peroxide if available).
  3. Apply on your brow area.
  4. Gently exfoliate the area by rubbing in circular motions.
  5. You will then rinse the area with room temperature water.
  6. Pat your brows dry and apply petroleum jelly or brow serum for protecting from bateria and inpurties.

This is one of the most effective ways to effectively remove and lighten microblading at home.

4 – using Hydrogen peroxide to remove microblading

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective method for removing pigments from the skin. By mixing the 3% hydrogen peroxide with baking soda can increase the effectiveness of fading the pigments if not close to completely removing them.

  1. Place some Baking Soda in a clean container.
  2. Pour some Hydrogen Peroxide.
  3. Mix it into a thick Paste-like Texture.
  4. Take a Cotton Pad and apply past over your brow area. (Make sure to fully saturate the area, especially the skin)
  5. Let the Paste Sit for about Five Minutes. (It may burn and sting, but you will notice your eyebrows have faded significantly).
  6. Use a damp cotton pad and Clean. (Wiping in direction of hair growth).
  7. With caution Repeat this process until your liking.
  8. Apply Petroleum Jelly this will Protect the Opened Wounds from Bacteria and Infections.

Be Extra Cautious when using hydrogen peroxide, avoid any contact with your eyes.

Hydrogen peroxide works by reopening the wounds, allowing the pigments to be exposed again, allowing an easy extraction. It also forces the body to re-heal, which will result in some of the pigment lost, through absorption deeper into the skin.

For best results, it is wise to use it within the first 72 hours after treatment.

Be cautious when rubbing this product into your skin. It can lead to scarring if rubbed vigorously. That is why This method is not very pleasant, especially for sensitive skin, though it is said to be pretty effective.

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video of How to remove microblading pigments from brows

5 – using Lemon for microblading removal

Lemons are natural bleaching agents and detergents. Whilst salt is a good abrasive material that has sodium and chlorine. Combining these two works to penetrate into the skin layers to effectively remove your pigments.

  • Grab a Lemon and extract the juice into a clean container.
  • Add Salt until the mixture is of a thick-like texture.
  • Use a cotton pad and dip it into the mixture, picking up a fair amount.
  • Apply it onto the Brow Area.
  • Exfoliate by Rubbing it into your skin for 30 minutes.
  • Finish off by rinsing the area with Warm Water.
  • Repeat this process until desired.

This method is more effective if repeated 3-4 times daily. But be cautious, this method is used for bruising the top layer of the skin. So that the lemon can cleanse the area. Meaning it may be a bit painful. Scrubbing Areas too Harsh can result in Scarring.

How to remove & lighten your microbladed brows professionally

Professionally removing your microbladed pigments will be faster and more effective but these procedures will be more costly.

6 – Saline treatment for microblading removal

The saline removal procedure is a no-chemical all-natural ingredient application. Done by professionals to reverse the results of the microblading procedure. It is one of the most popular methods of microblading removal.

Saline tattoo removal is whereby unwanted pigments are removed with a saline solution of natural ingredients. The process requires incisions to be made on the brow areas, specifically where the tiny hair-like strokes were made.

The procedure is similar to microblading and tattooing but instead of injecting ink underneath the skin, the tattoo pigment is being pulled out. Citation

When can I get Saline treatment to remove microblading

You are required to let your brows heal before attempting this procedure. Visible and wanted results can be achieved within 3 to 6 sessions. It all depends on the quality of the ink used.

These sessions should be taken 4-6 weeks apart. This is because the skin needs time to heal before each session.

7 – Can I use laser treatment to remove microblading pigments

The laser beam penetrates the skin and dissolves the pigment. The pigment is then either absorbed into the body or it is extracted from the skin. Laser Treatment is one of the most effective methods for microblading removal to successfully remove pigments.

But however, a complete removal cannot be achieved in a single session. This treatment usually takes between 4 and 6 sessions to remove significantly visible pigments (all depending on the quality of the ink). Citation

When can I get laser treatment to remove microblading

You are required to let your eyebrows heal before attempting laser treatment. These sessions cannot be done right after each other, that’s because your skin needs time to heal after each session. Meaning this could take a while for a complete removal.

8 – Glycolic Acid for Microblading Removal

Glycolic acid removal uses a combination of glycolic and lactic acids mixed with other ingredients. The formula works by binding the pigments to itself. Microblading pigments can now be easily extracted through the scabbing process.

This technique is very similar to saline removal, which uses a more natural-based solution. While the glycolic solution carries an amount of chemicals in it. Citation

When can I get Glycolic treatment to remove microblading

It is required to wait until your microbladed brows are completely healed before attempting the glycolic acid removal treatment.

A single application can provide excellent results. But however, if wanting a complete removal, it is recommended to do a series of three sessions (spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart or as recommended by your surgeon).

9 – can Microneedling remove Microblading pigments

Microneedling is indeed a very good option for the effective removal of unwanted pigments. Microneedling involves pricking at the skin with tiny sterilized needles.

Now by doing this you are lightly damaging the top layer of the skin with tiny incisions. Leaving the pigments exposed for easy cleaning. These small wounds will force your brows to heal, which will result in some pigments becoming absorbed during this process. Citation

Click here to see The Derma Roller Microneedling Roller on Amazon. That can effectively help you remove unwanted pigments.

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When can I get Microneedling treatment for microblading removal

It is required to wait until your microbladed brows are completely healed before attempting Microneedling removal treatment.

Do note that a single application can provide excellent results. But however, if wanting a complete removal you can have other sessions done to your liking. (Make sure brows are healed before a follow-up session or seek a recommendation from a Surgeon).

10 – plasma fibroblast treatment for microblading removal

Similar to microneedling Plasma Fibroblast Therapy work just as fine in removing microblading pigments. This pen-like device discharges a high-frequency electric current to your brows.

The plasma tip does not actually touch your skin, but instead releases a targeted current just above the skin of the brow area. Citation

It works by creating small holes, or micro-injuries, in the skin’s layer. Hereby exposing the pigments for easy removal.

When can I Use plasma fibroblast treatment to remove microblading

It is required to wait until your microbladed brows are completely healed before attempting the Fibroblast Treatment to remove your microblading pigments.

The lighter you want your Pigments the more session. Make sure brows are healed before a follow-up session or seek recommendations from the surgeon.

Does hyaluronic acid fade microblading

Hyaluronic acid has never been proven to actually remove pigments from brows. So, Hyaluronic acid does not remove microblading pigment. Citation

This substance is just naturally produced by the body to hold water. They are one of the main ingredients for moisturizing and hydrating products.  

Is chemical peel safe for microblading removal

A chemical peel is fairly safe for microblading removal. But however, Do Approach with Caution. It can cause an adverse reaction to certain types of ink used, and may not be suitable for sensitive skin for removing your pigments. Citation

It is best advised to check with your dermatologist or surgeon before carrying out this method.

Does Microblading removal cream actually work

Microblading Removal Cream can lighten your pigment from the microblading done. These removal creams work by peeling off the outer layer of the skin. so that pigments are exposed for easy cleaning.

But if microblading pigments are deposited deeper than the epidermis, and into the dermis layer of the skin. Then this method may not be as effective. However, removal cream is a method we don’t recommend for everyone.

Seeing that Microblading Removal Creams can cause an adverse reaction when mixed with certain types of ink. This makes them not suitable for persons who are easily prone to skin allergy or have extra sensitive skin. Since it can potentially lead to irritation or an allergic reaction.

Reasons for Microblading Fails

There are different ways in which a Microblading Procedure can go wrong and wanting them to be removed:

  • The shape is not suitable for your face, or wasnt what you wanted.
  • It reflects a poor quality job, from using of cheap inks to applicator not being certified.
  • There was an Ink Blow Out. Meaning the ink is beginning to spread further out in the skin
  • The result is uneven, seeing that the applicator didnt carry out proper measurments.
  • Formation of the brows were not as expected, meaning that they may look crooked, or too thick throughout.

Is microblading removal during pregnancy safe

According to experts, women should not get microblading removal treatment done during pregnancy because they tend to bleed more. This is due to the improved vascularization caused by the high estrogen levels. Citation

If pregnant we highly recommend that you check with your dermatologist or doctor before attempting any removal treatment.

Safer Alternatives to Microblading

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