Does Microblading Ruin Your Natural Brows

Does Microblading Ruins Your Natural EyeBrows
Does Microblading Ruins Your Natural EyeBrows

Thinking of getting your brows microbladed? and a bit worried about what it may do to your natural hair. Well, if the procedure is done correctly, with all the necessary health precautions taken, Microblading will not have any harmful effects on your natural hair.

But however, if you got Microblading done to your brows and the necessary precautions and proper sanitation are not carried out, it can cause some issues which may affect your natural hair.

How can microblading be damaging to natural hair

Do not get misled that Microblading can directly damage your brows. This procedure is very much safe, once all the necessary precautions are attended to by both the applicator and customer.

If microblading is done and proper care and precautions were not taken into consideration it may cause harm to your skin, which can then damage the hair by:

1 – Microblading leading to folliculitis

When tools are not sterilized properly it can cause Folliculitis. Folliculitis is a common skin problem whereby your hair becomes inflamed. It is usually caused by either bacterial or fungal infection. Citation

Only if Folliculitis is severe enough then it can result in the destruction of hair follicles and lead to permanent hair loss.

what can cause folliculitis during microblading

Folliculitis can occur when Bacteria seeps through the microblading incision and pores creating a blockage in the tiny pocket that contains your hair strand.

What can lead to folliculitis during microblading:

  • Microblading tools were not properly sterilized.
  • No proper sanitation in place
  • Eyebrow areas were not properly clean before breaking the skin.
  • Disturbance in follicle due to plucking brows hair.
  • Using an uncertified practitioner.

how can i treat folliculitis

Seeing that we would not want this problem to escalate it would be wise to treat it, especially if we notice it’s getting worst. I highly recommend consulting with a dermatologist before using any type of treatment.

see video showing more on folliculitis

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2 – Over-Processed Microblading, reduces hair growth

Microblading can cause your skin to become dry and flaky. If this procedure is done too frequently on a continuous base, it can be harmful to your hair’s health. Citation

When the skin is too dry, your hair will not be able to extract the required moisture. Resulting in a lot of water loss from the hair follicle. Now seeing that there is no way for any hydration process to take place, your hair can become dried up, which may contribute to hair loss.  Citation

how to prevent water lost in brows

  • Have microblading done only after 6-8 weeks between sessions (or as recommended by dermatologist or applicator)
  • Make sure to correctly follow the aftercare provided
  • Always moisturize and hydrate your brows.

For Proper Hydration & Moisturization for Dry Skin:

A Keratin Serum is great for hydrating your brows, Click here to see the one that I recommend on Amazon.

And our recommended Castor Oil Click here to see the price on Amazon

3 – Microblading leading to Tinea Capitis

Seeing that microblading is invasive. The tiny hair-like incisions can become infected with fungi, which is usually spread by coming in contact with infected spoolies, brushes, or even pillowcases.

This can become very serious resulting in hair loss and may even kill hair follicles. Citation

How to avoid the risk of tinea capitis

This is just another reason why you as a customer need to make sure that your:

  • Surroundings should be clean.
  • Ensure applicator is certified.
  • There is proper sanitation.
  • Health precautions are taken and practised.
  • Sterilization is done to tools.

And this is not only for the location of the procedure but also for your own home.

what is good for tinea capitis

If signs of this infection on your brows we recommended that you consult with a dermatologist for treatment.

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What happens to your real eyebrows after microblading?

When Microblading is being carried out, nothing is done directly to your natural hairs. However, it’s your skin that the process is carried out on.

Microblading is done by using a hand-held device to create tiny hair-like strokes on the top layer of your skin, known as the Epidermis. Strokes should be placed correctly in the form of; shaping brows and the depth of the skin.

But if after microblading is done and you realize you have developed some sort of irritation, infection, or had an allergic reaction, then this is what will cause further damages which may potentially cause harm to your natural hair.

Microblading Process
Microblading Process

Does microblading destroy hair follicles

Microblading will not destroy your hair follicles. And this is because this procedure does not penetrate deep enough into the skin to damage the hair follicles

But however, if microblading is taken lightly, it can be the reason for infectious diseases, allergies, and irritation on the skin. which may cause possible damage to your hair follicles.

How is Microblading taken lightly:

  1. The applicator is not certified for this type of procedure.
  2. No proper sanitation
  3. Tools were not properly sterilized
  4. Cheap products (inks) were used
  5. Patch test was not done
  6. Applicator went too deep into the skin
  7. Your skin type was not suitable for this procedure.

Does microblading stops hair growth

Microblading will not stop the growth of your natural eyebrow hairs, well not directly of course. Microblading also plays no part in promoting or triggering hair loss around your eyebrow area.

Is microblading harming to the hair shaft

Microblading in no way can cause any damage to your hair shaft. Seeing that the procedure is done to the skin and not the natural hair itself. It has no way that it can directly affect your hair shaft.

Is microblading ink dangerous for your natural hair/ skin

Microblading pigments are relatively safe. Seeing that the pigments are placed in the first layer of the skin it can no way affect the hair directly. But if pigments are not of the best, they can potentially be harmful to the skin, which can then affect the hair’s health.

Reasons microblading pigments can be harming to your skin/ hair:

  1. Your can develop an allergic reaction to the pigment
  2. Toxic pigments can cause irritations
  3. Cheap pigmented- inks can be infectious to your skin.
  4. Poor quality pigments can cause burning sensations.
  5. Patch testing of ink was not done in advance.

Is microblading a safe option

Microblading is relatively safe. But it also depends heavily on a lot of factors, seeing that each individual is different from the other. Note it is only considered safe if;

  1. Done by someone who is certified
  2. Proper sanitation is noticeable
  3. Sterilization of tools is done
  4. Patch testing was done in advance
  5. Your skin type is eligible for this procedure
  6. No skin diseases/ eczema present

Alternatives to Microblading

So after deep consideration, you have decided to not get your eyebrows microbladed. But you still want that natural fuller look, well click on the link to see Best Alternatives for Microblading that are Safer and More Affordable.

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