Brow Lamination VS Eyebrow Tint – Which is Better

Brow Lamination VS EyeBrow Tinting
Brow Lamination VS EyeBrow Tinting

Brow Lamination is known as a non-invasive treatment, that’s done to your own natural brow hairs. This procedure creates the famous Fluffy Feather- Effect, with the illusion of fuller brows.

Whereas, eyebrow tinting is the use of semi-permanent inks (mainly being dye-based ink or pigmented inks) to apply on the skin of the brows area. This creates the illusion of fuller, bolder brows. However, this does not add volume to brows.

Brow Tint Vs Brow Lamination

Brow Tint Vs Brow Lamination
Image showing the difference between Brow Tint Vs Brow Lamination

Brow lamination and eyebrow tinting both serve the purpose of creating the illusion of fuller brows.  They are, however, two completely different applications, done for brow enhancements. These procedures have numerous differences; such as their results, costs, timings, etc.

1. Brow lamination is more natural Looking than eyebrow tint.

Brow lamination brows are groomed brows, with the hairs standing upwards in a uniform direction. Making your brows all fluffy and feather-like.

Whereas tinted brow looks filled-in which creates the illusion of fuller, bolder brows.

2. Brow lamination is safer than brow tint

Both brow lamination and eyebrow tints come with their own risks. Brow lamination allows for the restructuring of hair into the desired formation. This is by stripping them of their natural oils and moisture. But however, brows are treated after procedures so moisture can be restored.

Brow tint uses either dye-based ink or pigmented inks, these inks do not harm your brows. However, they have the tendency of causing an allergic reaction, irritations, and also hair loss, for persons with extra sensitive skin. That’s why it is important to do a patch test before applying it to brows.

3. Eyebrow tinting is more affordable than brow lamination

Brow tinting will cost you just around $20- $40 per session, whereas, brow lamination will mainly be around $80- $140 per session. Eyebrow tinting is definitely more affordable than brow lamination.

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For those who are on a budget and prefer the natural fluffy, feather-like look you can either;

1- DIY it using a brow lamination kit – click here for a step-by-step guide on how to use and select the right kit

2- Amazing alternatives for the perfect fluffy-like eyebrows without the use of a Lamination kit. Click here to learn more.

4. Brow lamination lasts longer than eyebrow tint.

Brow lamination will last for 6- 8 weeks, whiles brow tint last for only 3-5 weeks. However, the longevity of results usually depends on the care received. So care for your brows after the application for longer-lasting results.

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5. DIY brow Lamination & brow tint at home.

With the proper knowledge, it should be completely safe to DIY both brow lamination and/or brow tinting at home.

Ensure the correct step-by-step procedures are followed, and the necessary precautions are dealt with. Such as; Patch testing of the pigmented ink, purchasing the right lamination kit, and proper pre-care & after-care.

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Does brow lamination includes brow tint

Brow lamination can come with or without brow tint. It really depends on the user’s brow type, preference, and other contributing factors.

Brow lamination without tint is best for individuals:

  • Who already have fuller brows
  • Don’t prefer a bold look
  • Prefers a more natural look
  • Allergic to ingredients found in tint
  • Easily prone to irritation (caused by tint ingredients)

video showing step- by- step Brow Lamination without tinting

Brow lamination with tint is best for individuals:

  • Who prefers a bolder looking brow
  • Persons with sparse brows
  • Not prone to irritation nor any allergy reaction

video showing step- by- step Brow Lamination with tinting

Can you tint brows after brow lamination

In the case of having your brows laminated and then considering tinting them afterward, most likely for a fuller bolder look.

It would be best to wait 4-5 days after the brow lamination procedure, before tinting your brows. This time period will allow your brows to already adopt the desired formation, before other interference.

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