9 Aftercare Tips to Make Brow Lamination Last Longer

Aftercare Tips to Make Brow Lamination Last Longer
Aftercare Tips to Make Brow Lamination Last Longer

Brow lamination is a non-invasive brow enhancement treatment, for a fuller, healthy-looking, fluffier brow. It is often used as an alternative to microblading.

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last

Brow lamination usually lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. However, brow lamination longevity can be determined by:

  • Proper aftercare and cleansing
  • Maintenance done by conditioning and grooming
  • Avoiding water, make-up and too much perspiration
  • Environment and your day-to-day activities

Wanting to keep your perfect brow longer? Well, it’s all in the aftercare, here are some amazing care tips to revive/avoid dry, brittle, and damaged brows. continue reading for the know-how.

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Aftercare tips to make brow lamination last longer

1Gently clean & condition brows

Take regular care after the procedure, by gently cleaning and conditioning your brows. This will not affect the brows formation, but however, will keep them clean and healthy.

You see the buildup of dirt and oil can clog pores which can then lead to inflammation and/or infection around the brow area.

2- grooming brows to maintain its formation

Continuously groom your brows, by combing them to maintain their formation. You can use a clean mascara wand to gently brush them using up-wards motion. This act will train your hair in that formation as its follicles become strong and healthier.

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Cleaning up around the edges you can use the Waxing method. Click the link to learn more

3- Avoid touching or rubbing your brow area

Avoid touching or rubbing your brow area for at least 24hours after the brow lamination procedure. This can cause friction among hair strands, which will affect the results of the brow lamination.

Also, seeing that the brow area is now sensitive due to the perming cream, touching and rubbing can easily irritate the area; causing small bruises and swelling.

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4Avoid any contact with water/liquid

Water can potentially ruin your perm, this is because it can change your hair texture and the lamination effect. It is advisable to avoid getting the brows wet, for at least 48 hours after a brow lamination procedure.

Now if your brows do get wet, gently tap them dry (avoid rubbing motion).

5- Refrain from applying cosmetic/Make-up

Refrain from applying cosmetic/make-up products to the brow area for at least 24 hours after brow lamination.  Applying makeup can cause itchiness and irritation around the brow area, this will tempt you in scratching and touching (which is to be avoided).

6- Hydrate Your Brows

Hydrate your laminated brows after 24 hours. Apply a tiny bit of keratin oil or castor oil to your brows and gently brush them upwards (using a clean Spoolie).

This continuous act will help restore brows moisture lost, soften hair strands and maintain brow hair formation.

7- Avoid Excessive Perspiration

Avoid locations and environments high in temperature which can induce sweating for 48 hours(pre and post-procedure ).

This is to avoid sweat from ruining your brows which can reopen the cuticle layer of the hair and result in frizz and/or ruin your brow lamination effect.

Be cautious of environments like; steam rooms, tanning beds, and direct exposure to sunlight

8- Avoid tanning products

Avoid tanning products around the eyebrow area for three days post procedures. This is because the chemical in these products can discolor your hair resulting in khaki color brows.

9- leave brows alone for the first 24 hours

Allow your perm to take control and work its way in. This will let you have the full effect for the perm and the effect will be long-lasting.

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How often to touch-up Brows after brow lamination

It is generally recommended to touch up your laminated brow after 5-6 weeks, due to the laminated effect fading after that period. But the more you care for them the longer they stay.

There are lots of reasons for your touch-up to be less or very frequent.

Touch-Up Based On Your:

New hair growth– new hair growth will be perm-free and thus grow in their respective direction and formation as per normal. This direction difference can cause brows not to look uniform anymore.

Irregular hair growth- your brow will have irregular growth due to trimming and plucking and other reasons. However, this means the area permed will need to be trimmed again and you will need to touch up as your hair grows new length.

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what happens when you over touch-up

Brow lamination’s recommended period is after 4-6 weeks. What happens when you touch-up your brows too frequently:

  • Continuously stripping hair of its natural oils causes moisture loss, which may even lead to split ends.
  • This over-process can damage the hair follicles.
  • Weakens hair roots resulting in hair falling out.
  • Slows down the rate of new and healthy hair growth

If brows are looking a little funky, try getting a shaping touch-up or a trim to keep things manageable for a bit longer. This is a safer approach for a strong and healthier brow.

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