Brow Lamination Gone Wrong – Tips on How To Fix & Prevent

Brow Lamination Gone Wrong- Tips How To Fix IT
Brow Lamination Gone Wrong- Tips How To Fix IT

Brow Lamination is the perming of brows. This is using a chemical solution to alter the texture and formation of your hair strands. This gives off the feather effect of having uniformed, fluffy, healthy-looking brows.

Although brow lamination may seem to be, more of a safer approach to microblading (which makes it the perfect alternative). But it also comes with a few of its own risks that can potentially occur.

Like all hair, your brows will eventually grow back. However, it will take some effort and a lot of patience.

Brow lamination gone wrong

Brow Lamination can potentially go wrong by:

  1. Brows being all Dry and Frizzy looking
  2. Damages to your hair follicle which can lead to hair loss
  3. Scarred Skin by chemical solution
  4. Allergy and irritation
  5. Eczema
  6. Eyebrow and Eyelash Split ends

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1. Dry & Frizzy brows after brow lamination

Frizzy hair after brow lamination. Frizzy hair means the actual hair length has become damaged and dried (chemically burnt), due to brows being over-processed. Citation

What is over Processed Brow Lamination

Over-Process is when chemical agents (especially Thioglycolic Acid) are;

  1. Too strong for your hair type
  2. Brows were left under the chemical solution for too long.

Thioglycolic Acid– works by breaking the disulfide cysteine bonds in the hair, so that it can be restructured in a different way. Citation

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How to fix frizzy Over processed Hair after brow lamination

Frizzy hair is fixable, seeing that your roots are still ok. We can put in the effort and time in restoring its strength and moisture, for healthier length and new growth.

Methods to fix Frizzed Brows are:

1- Waiting it out simply means patiently waiting for your brow to grow naturally, with the proper treatment and conditioning done. It all depends on your growth cycle. Yes, this will take a lot of patience.

Your brow’s hair will take approximately 3-5 months period to grow out its frizzed length (Frizzed length will not be straightened, for that length is beyond repair).

2- Nourish And Hydrate your brows by gently applying olive oil/ castor oil. These oils contain a large amount of oleic acid and linoleic acid. These acids stimulate hair growth and control the water loss in your hair strands. Or see our article on Brow Lamination aftercare oils

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– Organic Castor Oil

3- Trim the frizzed length off by using a proper trimming scissor. This will help to get rid of the frizzy-looking brows. Like all hair, your brows will also grow. (Trimming hair does not trigger hair growth in any way).

If however, there’s no length of hair to salvage, you can either shave and nourish the area for new healthy growth and hair length. Or wait it out as mentioned above.

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4- Cysteine hair treatment. Cystine is used as a building block for hair strands. It is heat-activated which slowly raises the Ph of your brow hairs, this gently alters the structure of your hair without damaging it.

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2. Damaged Hair follicles after brow lamination

Hair follicles are very important for many health reasons. Activities that may cause harm to your hair follicles should either be avoided or be treated with caution. Your hair follicles produce fiber and promote cell growth.

Some signs to look for after brow lamination to know if your hair follicles are damaged:

  • Hair loss/hair thinning 
  • Extreme dryness 
  • Flakiness of skin

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How to repair Damaged brow-hair follicles

Unfortunately, once your hair follicles have been deeply damaged, IT IS PERMANENT. It would be advisable to focus your time and energy on protecting and caring for healthy ones.

Don’t feel discouraged by the loss of hair due to damaged hair follicles. There are steps you can take to generate new and healthy hair growth for fuller brows.

Treating damaged hair follicles after brow lamination can be done by:

  • Cleansing of your brows. It is important to clean plaque build-up which is caused by makeup, oils, and other impurities from the atmosphere. Plaque contains acid and DHT, that further damage hair follicles. (by using cleansers)
  • Nourish and hydrate brows using eyebrow serum to improve the health of your hair follicles.
  • Maintain your diet of a healthy amount of protein. consuming a fairly amount of protein will promote hair growth. seeing that our follicles are made mostly of protein
  • Consume Biotins Supplements this helps with the production of a hair protein called keratin, and encourages healthy hair growth.
  • Take your Vitamins– consuming vitamin build-up pills for your hair, can boost the growth cycle and helps to reduce hair loss.

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3. Scarred skin after brow lamination

The perm required for brow lamination is a solution of different chemicals. This chemical solution should be avoided from getting into contact with the skin, especially around the eye and brow area (more sensitive areas).

However, scarring depends on your:

Skin Type– The more sensitive your skin is the more prone to a perm burn you may be.

Proper Pre-Care– Proper Pre-care is important, this makes sure your skin is free from any other interferences (tanning, products/cosmetic, and skincare/medication), which may contribute to a harsh scar.

Chemical used– be cautious when choosing a good perming solution for your brows, some tend to be too harsh for sensitive skin types.

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Steps taken to treat chemical burns after brow lamination

Seek medical help and advice on medication and prescription

Burns can be painful- Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, aspirin can help reduce your pain and any swelling around the area.

If blisters and inflammation appear avoid popping.

Applying of ointments such as Neosporin/ Aquaphor. It acts as a protective barrier from bacteria and can help heal the burning sensation

4. Irritation & Allergic reaction after brow lamination

An allergic reaction will usually be noticed until after a one-week period. This normally happens if you are allergic to the perming solution or in most cases the brow tint.

Some signs of an allergic reaction:

  • Swelling around eye and cheek areas
  • Itching and irritation will occur
  • Redness discoloration
  • Peeling of dried flaky skin
  • Bumps and inflammation

Steps taken to treat an allergic reaction after brow lamination

  • Avoid touching and scratching irritated areas
  • Seek medical help and advise
  • To ease discomfort, Use reliable OTC drugs like (zinc oxide calamine calmoseptine ointment) apply to the brow area overnight
  • Apply cold press this helps lessen the puffiness.
  • Avoid rubbing alcohol, this will only give you more irritation and dry skin
  • Take an oral antihistamine, such as Benadryl, to help reduce skin inflammation and itching
  • Prevent this by doing a spot check on the skin for about 48 hours before applying to brows

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5. Eczema

The solution from brow lamination can potentially cause eczema, that is, if the skin is exposed. If this chemical solution gets into your skin it can react in such a way to cause Eczema/dermatitis. (Avoid getting too close to the eyelid area).

Signs of eczema:

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How to prevent & treat eczema – brow lamination

  • Make sure your applicator is skilled and licensed.
  • Ensure your surrounding is clean and proper sterilization is done
  • Seek dermatologist advice on a topical corticosteroid cream to help reduce inflammation
  • Use proper moisturizing creams

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