Grow Back Eyebrow Slits at Home – Fuller Brows FAST

Grow Out Eyebrow Slits at Home - Fuller Brows FAST
Grow Out Eyebrow Slits at Home – Fuller Brows FAST

So you have grown out the likeness of an eyebrow slit or you’re just left with one from an accident/ naturally. And now you’re tired of having to constantly fill in that one bald spot.

Well in this comprehensive guide, we will be revealing effective tips and techniques that can help you restore your eyebrows to their former fullness.

Let us share with you; natural remedies, nourishing treatments, and expert advice that have been practiced by those in the know. Keep reading our article and unlock the secrets to faster eyebrow recovery at home.”

Do Eyebrow Slits Grow Back

Eyebrow slits that were done intentionally for styling purposes, can most definitely regrow. just be patient and give it a little time for the regrowth of the shaved area.

However, if caused by other issues such as scarring. it will take a lot more than just waiting it out in order to see any regrowth. See this can be more difficult as there may not be any follicles attached to our nerve ending for any hair growth to occur

How Long Do Eyebrow Slits Take to Grow Back

Eyebrow slits can take as long as 2-3 weeks to completely regrow in full. However, the Anagen phase (growth stage) of our eyebrows mostly depends on our diet, genetics, and even our age.

Tips to Make Slitted Eyebrows Grow Back Faster

Here are some practices you can take at home, to encourage your slitted brow area to grow. However, keep in mind that results may vary based on individual genes, growth cycle, and health….. It’s advised to be patient throughout the process.

1 – Apply Hair growth serums

Hair growth serums are specifically formulated with the necessary ingredients, that can lead to fuller-looking brows and faster regrowth of hair. These serums will help to speed up the anagen phase of the slitted area of your eyebrows, giving your back your full brows faster.

I’ve had, great success with a few hair growth serums when I was on the road to achieving thicker, fuller-looking brows. You can read all about my experience and see which one works best for you.

2 – Apply Essential oils to the slitted brow area

Regularly massaging your eyebrows with essential oils for a few minutes each day can assist in replenishing essential moisture, hydration, and nourishment required by the hair follicles.

This practice helps in stimulating the eyebrow area, improving circulation, and fostering the conditions necessary for faster hair growth in the eyebrow-slitted area.

The Oil I have had the MOST SUCCESS with was Rosemary Essential oil. I was so happy with e results I did an entire article on its effectiveness. At first, I developed a reaction to it, but it was because I didn’t know how to use it and how it actually works. So click here to see my full article on rosemary oil for eyebrows GROWTH FAST.

3 – Use a dermaroller

Using a dermaroller after oiling your brow area will add to the effectiveness of the oil, as this will stimulate the eyebrow slit. Deramolling the area will help the nourishing oil penetrate the skin barrier more efficiently, and also assist with blood circulation.

Personally, I find using a derma-roller pushes the process as it helps to send needed nourishment and oxygen to the follicles. So If you want faster eyebrow growth, get yourself one of them. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

4 – Maintain and keep the eyebrow area clean

Cleansing your eyebrow area regularly removes dirt, oil, and other potential buildup that could clog pores and block the passageway for hair growth.

Keeping those areas clean can also help in protecting against certain bacteria and fungi that pose potential dangers to our hair follicles.

5 – Remove dead skin cells

By gently exfoliating your eyebrow area once or twice a week will effectively remove dead skin cells and also help with stimulating blood circulation around the area. This practice will potentially encourage hair follicle activity and support faster growth.

Unknowingly to our naked eyes, our brows do capture a lot of dust. Our sebum oil makes our brows become a dust magnet, which eventually buildup and can even lead to infection, therefore creating an unhealthy environment for any hair growth at all. So, I strongly recommend using a scrub making sure to get in between your brow and exfoliate the skin beneath. Click here to see the scrub I use to get rid of all that unhealthy buildups and dead skin cells

6 – Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet by ensuring a balanced intake of rich in vitamins and minerals, will not only aid in healthy eyebrow hair but also for your scalp and lashes. Foods high in protein, vitamins A, C, and E, and omega-3 fatty acids are great choices. As these nutrients are essential for healthy hair growth.

You can also look into vitamin capsules that are specifically formulated for hair nourishment and growth. Nutrafol is one the high ranks for me, when it comes to supplements for fast hair growth, click here and you will see the price of it on Amazon.

7 – Be patient and avoid stress

Growing out back your eyebrow slits naturally can take a while, so it is better to be patient and avoid any sort of stress as this can affect your overall health, including hair growth.

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For many persons, whose brows will take a longer period to regrow. your can settle for other solutions like:

  1. Brow pencils
  2. Brow Powdered
  3. Tinted Eyebrows
  4. Fake Brows

and the list goes on… Remember natural remedies are effective, but they will take longer than synthetic formulations. You can check the video down below to see a brow-filling in step-by-step guide.

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