Purple Shampoo for Brown & Brunette Hair Transformation

Purple Shampoo for Brown & Brunette Hair Transformation
Purple Shampoo for Brown & Brunette Hair Transformation

Purple Shampoo on Brown & Brunette Hair untold truth. Get ready to dive into the hidden world of hair care. This trick is a game-changing secret that brunettes have been whispering about behind closed doors.

Say goodbye to dull, lifeless locks and prepare to be amazed as we unveil the magical powers of purple shampoo for brown and brunette hair. So, read on to uncover and know how to achieve stunningly bright brunette hair.

What Happens When You Use Purple Shampoo On Brown Hair

From my own personal experience and research, this is what to expect if you’re thinking about using purple shampoo on your brown or brunette hair.

  1. The purple shampoo will banish all brassiness/ yellow tones that develop hair over time. Which will help to restore a brighter, more vibrant shade.
  1. By getting rid of unwanted brassy undertones which results in dull-looking hair. Your hair will become more enhanced, as it creates a multi-dimensional look, giving it a richer and more stunning visual appeal.
  1. Revived Radiance of Dull-looking hair. Cleaning out brassiness caused by iron and minerals content in your water. This will result in clean strands that catch and reflect light, leaving your hair looking healthy and glossy.
  1. Long-Lasting Color Preservation, if you’ve invested time and effort into achieving your ideal brown or brunette shade, purple shampoo can help prolong its vibrancy, at least it did for me.
  1. You’re in control of the desired results, Purple shampoo offers customization for your hair needs. You can adjust the frequency of use based on the intensity of toning you desire. (Lighter applications provide a subtle toning effect, while heavier applications with longer processing period periods can result in a more dramatic color transformation).
  1. Improved Hair Texture, many formulations include nourishing ingredients that help moisturize and strengthen your strands, leaving them feeling silky-smooth and manageable.
  1. A Boost for Blonde Highlights, If you have brown or brunette hair with blonde highlights. Purple shampoo can be particularly beneficial. It helps maintain the brightness and clarity of your highlights while keeping the rest of your hair toned and vibrant.

Remember, results may vary depending on the specific shampoo’s formulation, your hair’s condition, and the amount of time you leave the shampoo on. Experimentation and finding the right balance for your hair is the key to achieving the desired outcome

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Blue Or Purple Shampoo Which Is Best For Brown Hair

In my experience and according to the color wheel, Blue shampoo is generally more suitable for brown hair when compared to purple shampoo. Here are the reasons as to why I use and would recommend Blue Shampoo for brown hair:

1 – It’s more effective at neutralizing orange tones from brown hair

After trying both purple and blue shampoo I have found that blue shampoo works best at counteracting orange and brassy tones from strands, which are mostly found in Brown Hair.

This is because Brown hair often contains warm undertones that can become more pronounced over time, resulting in an unwanted orange or brassy appearance.

Therefore, according to the color wheel and also from my own personal experience blue shampoo is more effective at neutralizing the warm tones commonly found in brown hair.

2 – Prevents color fading

Blue shampoo can help preserve the richness and depth of brown hair color by preventing color fading. Which results in a fresher and more vibrant brown shade.

3 – Effectively enhance cool tones in balayage

If you have brown hair with highlights or a simple balayage, blue shampoo can help with enhancing the cooler tones while maintaining your natural brown shade. Which allows for depth and richness of your hair, making it appear more vibrant and multi-dimensional.

Can Purple Shampoo Damage Brown Hair

While purple shampoo is not specifically formulated for brown hair, a lot of persons with brown hair (like myself) have been using it to enhance certain aspects of our hair color. Purple shampoos are generally safe to be used on brown hair that is once it is used accordingly and correctly.

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Dangers of using Purple Shampoo on Brown/ Brunette Hair

Although both blue and purple shampoos are considered to be generally safe. Using it incorrectly can lead to unwanted results and damage.

1 – Damaged and broken strands due to Over-toning

A lot of persons may assume that leaving purple/ blue shampoo in their hair for a longer period than recommended will speed up the result. Although this may be true, from my experience and research the side effect such as; dryness, breakage, and other damages can be too high of a risk.  

2 – Dryness and brittleness

The more effective the blue/Purple shampoos are, the higher the levels of clarifying agents and sulfates. Which can strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture, leading to dryness, brittleness, and an overall lackluster appearance in brown hair.

If you’re someone with naturally dry hair or damaged hair due to previous treatments, it is advised to choose a purple shampoo that contains less drying ingredients (sulfate, alcohol, perfume…). Or a better option would be a Purple/Blue mask or Conditioner

3 – Can potentially fade Color (Balayage)

Some purple shampoos contain color-stripping ingredients like surfactants and sulfates. Their effects are more noticeable in darker hair compared to lighter-colored hair, especially when using these shampoos too frequently or left on for a long period.

So I highly recommend using a blue/purple shampoo that is color safe.

4 – Uneven and Patchy looking results

Brown hair usually has different undertones that interact differently with purple shampoo. As a result, the outcome can be unpredictable, leading to uneven or patchy color results. This is why it is also important to wet your hair before applying the purple shampoo to your strands, so as to ensure even distribution among your strands.

Over processed highlights
Over processed highlights

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Brown Hair

Purple shampoos come in a variety of different brands meaning their level of concentration and potency will vary. Hence we advise when using your purple/blue shampoo on your brown hair, to act according to the period recommended by the brand.

However, since every individual’s hair is different, it’s difficult to provide an exact duration that works universally. So, as a general guideline, you can start with a shorter duration and gradually increase it if needed.

Best Purple Shampoo For Brown Hair

Here are 3 Purple shampoos i have personally worked with on brown hair, and were very effective, at giving me my desired results;

1 – Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

Fanola purple shampoo is known for its strong toning power. It effectively neutralizes unwanted brassiness in brown hair, leaving it cool and vibrant.

It’s highly pigmented and suitable for both natural and dyed brown hair. Clicking here will take you to the link to this shampoo on Amazon.

2 – Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo

Specifically formulated for brunettes, this shampoo targets brassy tones in brown hair. It helps eliminate unwanted warmth and maintains a balanced, cool hue.

What I love about the Matrix Shampoo is that it also provides nourishment and moisture to the hair. Clicking here will show you the cost of this shampoo on Amazon.

3 – Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo

While primarily marketed for blondes, this purple shampoo is also effective for brown hair. It counteracts brassiness and keeps brown tones looking vibrant and fresh.

It also helps to maintain color integrity and leaves the hair feeling smooth and conditioned. Click this link will take you to this shampoo on Amazon.

How Often To Use Purple Shampoo On Brown Hair

You can use a well-formulated purple/ blue shampoo on your brown and brunette hair 1 -2 times weekly. However, it also depends on the strength of your strands, hence we advise you to keep track of your hair’s health while using.

What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Brown Hair With Highlights.

Here is a list of benefits and changes your may experience when using purple shampoo on brown/ brunette hair with highlights.

  1. Purple shampoo counteracts the warm undertones, which tones your highlights leaving them looking cooler and more balanced.
  2. Purple shampoo can blend in your highlights seamlessly, especially if your highlights are too stark or contrasting against the brown base.
  3. Purple shampoo adds depth and dimension to the hair, including the highlighted areas.
  4. Maintenance of Highlight Color by preventing the highlights from fading or becoming brassy.
  5. Contributes to achieving an overall harmonious color balance between the brown base and the highlights.

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