Waxing vs Shaving Face- Pros & Cons

Waxing vs Shaving Face- Pros & Cons
Waxing vs Shaving Face- Pros & Cons

One of the first steps in getting rid of unwanted hair from our face is deciding which method is right for us, meaning safer, easier, and effective enough for our skin type and desired results.

For someone like myself who has struggled with facial hair has been a pain to deal with all my life until I began experimenting with different methods. I have very sensitive skin which means I have been faced with many troubles before especially when it comes to finding the right products and ingredients/ formulations.

Here I will not only share with your my experience but also make it easier by helping you choose between shaving and waxing your face.

Is Waxing Better Than Shaving Your Face

Waxing is indeed more effective than shaving for facial hair removal as it removes hair from the root, leading to longer-lasting results. However, it is more painful and expensive. Shaving is a quick and easy option but only removes hair from the surface, leading to faster regrowth and potential skin irritation.

It ultimately depends on personal preference and skin sensitivity, so choose the method that works best for you.

Waxing Vs Shaving Face Pictures

shaving vs waxing
shaving vs waxing

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Pros of Waxing vs Shaving Facial Hair

Here I have all the benefits I’ve encountered while I was shaving and waxing my facial hair. So, you can easily identify which method you desire the most.

Waxing Facial HairShaving Facial Hair
1. Waxing removes all dead skin cells, giving you an exfoliated smoother skin.
2. Waxing Results last longer, as hairs are removed with follicles.
3. Wacing can be done right at home.
4. There is no risk of cutting your skin with blades.
5. Free from Razor burns and bumps
6. Great for sensitive skin
7. Regular waxing can eventually lead to permanent results
8. Regrowths will be sparse, and thinner
9. Does not require constant maintenance.
1. Shaving the face removes all dead skin and other particles.
2. Shaving is faster compared to other methods.
3. Shaving can be done anywhere perfect for emergencies.
4. There is no risk of burning your skin with hot wax.
5. Get the smallest of hair, giving you a perfectly close shave.
6. Does no Lead to post hyperpigmentation
7. No allergic/adverse reaction from ingredients (perfume, alcohol…).
8. Does not require must aftercare steps
9. Shaving Facial hair does not cause more regrowth.

So basically, if you are someone who wants to have no facial hair for a longer time, I’ll recommend getting them waxed. However, for persons who don’t want to give up their natural looks you can try shaving.

Risks of Waxing Vs Shaving Your Face

Risks of Waxing Facial HairRisks of Shaving Facial Hair
1. Skin irritation may occur, as waxing can be traumatizing to the skin.
2. Risk of adverse and allergic reactions especially if you’re sensitive to preservatives, alcohol, perfumes…
3. After-effects can be seen as temporary redness, swelling, and post-hyperpigmentation.
4. Hot wax can accidentally burn the skin, resulting in blisters, scarring, or discoloration.
5. If hairs are broken off instead of being removed from the root it can result in ingrown hair.
6. Waxing leaves the skin more sensitive to sun rays, so it’s important to avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen for a few days after waxing.
7. Waxing can cause acne breakout, especially if the skin is not properly prepared before waxing.
1. Prepping your face before shaving is very important to avoid intense irritation after.
2. Shaving can cause bacterial infection if infected-blade cuts the skin
3. You stand the risk of cutting your skin with shaving blades.
4. Inflammation may occur if you are using uncleaned blades/ used blades.
6. Cutting the skin can cause scarring/ hyperpigmentation
7. Results are very temporary. As hairs are not removed with follicles
8. Regrowth strands will be thicker and darker, Which may cause your face to look hairier.
9. Razor Burning May occur due to poor aftercare.

Even though, there are a few risks we need to look out for they are still avoidable by ensuring proper precare and aftercare steps are ready.

Best Dermaplaning/ Shavers for face

One of the best shaving tools I would recommend for the face is the Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Face Exfoliating Blade.

This blade works on any skin type to remove dry skin cells, peach fuzz, and other impurities. Leaving your face feeling clean and exfoliated which helps to reduce fine lines and even prevents the risk of breakouts. You can click here to see the price of the Kit on Amazon.

How to Shave Your Face

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