Does Face Waxing Cause Acne, Bumps, & Larger Pores

Does Face Waxing Cause Acne, Bumps, & Larger Pores
Does Face Waxing Cause Acne, Bumps, & Larger Pores

Waxing can be very harsh on our skin and can lead to various after-effects. So here we are going to discuss Acne, Bumps, and Larger Pores and how to treat and even prevent them.

Does Waxing Cause Our Pores To Open

Through proper pre-care you will notice that your beautician will place a steaming towel over your face. Your pores will be open as it is required to help release the tight grip it has around the hair, which helps in successfully removing hair with their follicles.

However, do not worry, they won’t remain that way for long. Usually within an hour or two after waxing your pores will return to their normal state and size.

Does Face Waxing Enlarges Pores

Opening one’s pores and the increase in pore size should be looked at differently, well in the world of waxing. We’ve already explained the importance of opening pores before waxing. But does it causes them to increase in size? The short answer No, Waxing does not lead to the size increase of your pores.

After the removal of hairs, the pore will be more visible, but after a few hours, they shall return to their normal sizes.

During the period while the pores are open, you are to be extra careful. Because you are now more at risk for bacteria seeping in and causing an infection leading to acne.

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Does Face Waxing Cause Acne

Once a facial waxing is been carried out correctly with all the necessary precautions, including pre-care and aftercare you shouldn’t have to worry about developing Acne.

However, when waxing sensitive areas such as our face, it can cause breakouts and irritation due to a number of reasons like:

  • Us being allergic to the wax itself
  • Having extra Sensitive skin
  • Poor pre-care and aftercare often lead to intense trauma to the skin, causing an acne reaction.
  • Poor quality waxes are not good enough for a tight grip on the hair.
  • When the waxing procedure is not correctly carried out.
  • Touching your face may lead in transmitting bacteria to your skin
  • Getting mild burns from the wax may also lead to an acne reaction.

Do remember not to confuse Wax Bumps with Acne

How Do You Prevent Acne After Waxing

Preventing acne after waxing is all in proper pre-care and aftercare, a clean environment with appropriate sanitary control. By following the given aftercare correctly, Acne problems should not even be on your list to deal with. Acne aftercare will include:

  • Avoid touching your face after waxing
  • Stay in a clean environment (away from dust and environmental impurities in the air).
  • Use a Sealant to create a barrier on your waxed face from outside impurities in the air.
  • Apply sunscreen when heading into the skin.
  • Be gentle with your waxed face to avoid bruises and irritation
  • You may rinse your face with luck warm water

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Is Waxing Your Face Good For Acne

Persons who are easily prone to acne should avoid getting facial wax. This is because your skin is very sensitive at this time and can lead to tearing and bruising of the skin, and even cause more acne breakouts.

Wax Bumps After Facial Waxing

Post bumps after waxing are just really because of the trauma your skin just went through. Bumps are very mild after-effects and are usually taken for acne /inflamed pores. However, Not to worry as post bumps are temporary and will subside within a few hours.

Some other temporary post-wax reactions may include:

  1. Swelling
  2. Redness
  3. Irritation
  4. Itchiness

How to reduce bumps after waxing

After waxing we will notice the mild after-effects that come with it. These tend to be swelling, irritation, and pimples/ bumps. They are supposed to subside shortly and your skin should return to normal. But usually, bumps/pimples take a while to leave and if yours are not reducing you should follow the aftercare we have listed below.

  • Use a gentle soap and warm water to cleanse your skin this will help to calm the skin and minimize irritants.
  • When drying use gentle patting motions so as to avoid irritating the skin any further.
  • Applying a cold compress to your face helps soothe irritation and reduce the post-waxing bumps.
  • Rest a warm compress on the skin to help with ingrown hairs, as they can help the pores open up and potentially release the ingrown hair, hence reducing hair bumps.
  • Use mild moisturizers to calm the bumps or pimples

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 Facial wax Damage Skin

Can facial wax be damaging to our skin? Waxing our face does not directly cause any wrinkles or any loose skin. But, however, if not done correctly with necessary precautions and aftercare it may lead to problems like:

Inflamed pores-When bacteria happens to seep into the open pore and destroy the follicles there. Citation

Skin Lift– When certain skin care and face wash contain ingredients like retinol was not paused 2- 3 days before any facial waxing session.

Adverse reactions- If you did not have any patch test done before heading into the waxing session. Your skin may have an adverse reaction to the wax itself or an aftercare treatment.

Dried skin- After waxing and you did not correctly rehydrate or moisturize your face you will be left with very dry skin. Which will look like wrinkled skin after.

Ingrown Hair- This could be a result of broken hair (hair not completely removed with its follicle) or poor aftercare (no exfoliation done).

Hyperpigmentation– Due to the trauma waxing would have done to the skin. In response, there will be an excessive amount of melanin released into the skin. But no need to worry as that is temporary and should only last a few hours.

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