Deodorant After Laser Hair Removal – Is It Safe

Deodorant After Laser Hair Removal - Is It Safe
Deodorant After Laser Hair Removal – Is It Safe

Using a deodorant after getting Laser hair removal for the armpit is something we should all be cautious about. Using them incorrectly and even wearing the wrong ones could be damaging to our underarm’s health.

You may not know but, Laser hair removal does not permanently stop perspiration nor does it remove bad odor. So, see what it takes in selecting the best deodorants for underarms after the laser hair removal treatment.

Can I Use Deodorant After Laser Hair Removal

After your laser hair removal, Yes you can use deodorants/ antiperspirants. However, only after the doctor-recommended time, which depends on your skin after the treatment.

But, if you are using a hair lasering device at home and wonder what the required timings would be, continue reading.

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How Long After Laser Before Using Deodorants

So after having your laser hair removal treatment, you must wait 24-48 hours before applying any deodorants or antiperspirants. This is so that the skin gets enough time for minor wounds to start their healing process, and the trauma caused to the skin.

What to Look for in Deodorant After Laser Hair Removal

After hairs have been removed, the pores are now left opened and exposed resulting in more openings for sebum natural oil to be released. Choosing the wrong deodorants can cause pores to clog leading to bad odors and even underarms pimples.

So, see how to choose your deodorants after your laser treatment.

1 – Carcinogenic-free Deodorants

Using Carcinogenic-free deodorants is not just a safer option but it protects you from any risk of cancer caused by deodorants. These antiperspirants are free from harmful gas (such as; butane, isobutane, or propane).

When choosing always avoid those found in aerosol cans, as those contain harsher chemicals (Benzene) that can lead to further irritation and are considered to be carcinogenic for us humans.

2 – Non- Comedogenic Deodorants

Non- Comedogenic Deodorants are antiperspirants that do not clog our pores. They are usually water-based and highly penetrable by the skin. It is perfect for treating underarms as it does not interfere with our perspiration process.

Using these Deodorants will not only protect against clogging pores but also reduce the risk of underarm pimples and breakouts.

3 – Moisturizing Deodorants

In some cases after laser hair removal treatment for your underarms, you may notice some dryness. Dry Underarms are just a temporary after-effect and shall subside within a few days.

Dealing with this it is better to not use extremely drying underarm deodorants, but rather choose one with a moisturizing benefit. Moisturizing deodorants will reduce friction under the arms, and prevent dryness and flakiness.

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Best deodorants After Lasering Underarms

  1. Carcinogenic-free – Deodorants With spraying pumps
  2. Non- Comedogenic– Roll-On Deodorants
  3. Dry Underarms – Water-Based Cream Deodorants
  4. Extra Sensitive Underarms – Hypoallergenic Solid Deodorants

1 – Spray Deodorant

Using Spray deodorants from plastic or glass containers that carry a spray pump rather than an aerosol container is the best way for avoiding developing any type of carcinogenic problems caused by toxins like Benzene.

The CRYSTAL’s Spray deodorant is a great choice as it is made to be stain-free, Non-sticky, and best of all it does not interfere with the natural sweat process. Spray deodorants are best for combatting bad odor by getting rid of the causing bacteria.

These are wildly available at local stores or you can just Click here to see their prices and options on Amazon.

2 – Cream Deodorants

Cream deodorants are perfect for everyday use, they effectively reduce order, provide nourishing benefits and add moisture. And because they are generally water-based, it makes them highly penetrable by the skin.

For your dry underarms, the best option is to use a light moisturizer or grab hold of a safe and moisturizing cream deodorant. Click here on Amazon to read more on the Lume Deodorant Cream before purchasing.

Although they are perfect for dry underarms, please be reminded to not use them over broken skin or before 24-48 hours post-laser hair removal treatment.

3 – Roll-On Deodorants

Roll-on deodorants are perfectly safe after lasering your underarm hair. They are generally water-based allowing them to penetrate the skin without clogging pores. They tend to last longer than sprays and also dry faster leaving behind no greasy residue.

When choosing your roll-On look ensure it is water-based, Non- Comedogenic and carries calming properties that will help in soothing your underarm areas.

Or, See on Amazon- The Mindalt Roll-On that meets all of the above and plus is lightly scented with calming essential oils.

However, when using roll-on always be extra careful, as you are risking transferring bacteria from the roll-on onto your armpits.

Also, always make sure to cleanse thoroughly as any remaining residue can eventually clog our pores, leading to more serious issues like underarms pimples, and acne breakouts.

4 – Solid Deodorants

Solid deodorants are great for every day, in reference to those that are not harsh on the skin and yet great for dealing with bad odor-causing bacteria/ Fungi. These types work gently on sensitive skin and are generally Hypoallergenic.

Look for ones that contain natural ingredients, are aluminum-free, and most of all Hypoallergenic.

Or by Clicking here you will see one of The Lume Solid Deodorant Sticks on Amazon, it claims to be all of the above and is also fragrance-free. Making it perfect for sensitive areas.

Do proceed by seeking advice from your doctor before randomly buying any item. As they are aware of what is best for your underarms after being treated.

After using any deodorants you are to always ensure to properly clean all residue left behind at the end of your day.

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