Coconut Oil After Shaving – Benefits & How to Use Correctly

Coconut Oil After Shaving
Coconut Oil After Shaving

Shaving unwanted hair is a widely practiced grooming technique among both males and females. And Oiling after shaving plays a big role in maintaining smooth and softer skin.

The Act of Shaving exfoliates the skin by scraping off its protective layer, getting rid of all dead skin and other impurities. So, let’s get into what coconut oil can actually do for your shaved skin.

Can You Use Coconut Oil After Shaving

After shaving you can use coconut oil to help the process of restoring the moisture to your shaved skin. As it helps to calm and soothe the area shaved. That is, only if applied correctly, will avoid the chances of dry skin.

How Often to Apply Coconut Oil after Shaving

You may apply coconut oil a few hours before showering or at night before bed. Avoid applying it too frequently for long hours. As Coconut oil is considered a sealant and could potentially clog pores, resulting in pimples, and acne breakouts.

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How To Apply Coconut Oil After Shaving

Correctly applying coconut oil after shaving will guarantee you smoother and healthier-looking skin. Let me show you how it’s done for beautiful flawless skin.

1 – Cleanse Skin

After shaving the areas, make sure that they are washed properly of all hair and dead skin. (Always go for a mild or sensitive wash for your skin)

2 – Dry Off Shaved Skin / Body

Once washed, gently dry your skin using a clean towel (avoid getting or returning dirt and other impurities of any kind to the area.)

3 – Moisturize Your Skin

Use a bit of; light, water-based moisturizer and apply it to the shaved area. These moisturizers are highly absorbent by the skin. Hence, easier to nourish the skin and replenish its moisture. Have this sit for a few minutes and then proceed.

4 – Massage Your Coconut Oil

Take a few drops of coconut oil and gently massage it onto your skin. This will assist the process by locking in the nourishing moisturizer applied earlier. Ensuring that the skin receives all the benefits.  

5 – Clothing

If the area shaved is to be clothed, then try wearing fabrics that will not be abrasive to the area. As this will create friction and cause bruising on the now very delicate skin.

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Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil After Shaving

Oiling your skin correctly have amazing benefits. And we are here to talk about just that. Applying your Coconut oil (as mentioned above) after shaving will:

1 – Lock in Moisture

Because oils are not capable of penetrating the skin, they are considered sealants. Sealants help greatly at locking in moisture by creating a barrier over the skin layers. Leaving no room for the evaporation of moisture.

2 – Kill Bacteria and Fungi

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. Which helps in protecting the shaved skin by fighting off bacteria and other impurities from infecting your now-sensitive skin.

3 – Protects Against Folliculitis

Coconut oil creates an Antimicrobial protective shield over the shaved area. Hence, reducing the risk of folliculitis caused by bacteria or fungi.

4 – Protect against UVA/B Rays

Coconut Oil has the potential to work as a natural sunscreen. Which could Potentially help in protecting the shaved skin from some of the sun’s harmful rays. (However, coconut oil is not as strong as actual sunscreen)

5 – Help wounds Heal Faster

Minor cuts and scrapes from shaving the skin, heal faster when protected from bacteria, outside moisture, and impurities. Whereas, Coconut oil’s antimicrobial barrier has the capability of doing just that.

6 – Reduces the chances of Hyperpigmentation

By reducing the risk of pimples, acne, and folliculitis caused by bacteria and fungi. You are preventing the chances of Post hyperpigmentation.

Best Coconut Oil After Shaving

You can pick up a refined Coconut oil from your local shop or Click here to see one right on Amazon that is effective and affordable.

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What Happens If Coconut Oil Is Applied Wrong

There are many methods for applying coconut oil. But applying this oil wrongly on freshly shaved skin, may not give you the results you are after. Instead, you may be at risk for:

1 – Blackheads and Pimples

Pure Unrefined coconut oil can be comedogenic, meaning it may be responsible for clogging pores resulting in blackheads and even breakouts.

2 – Skin Does Not Get To Breathe

Over-using coconut oil for extremely long hours hinders your skin from releasing its gas (Skin Gas).

3 – Overheating of the Skin

When wearing oils for too long prevents the release of skin gas, due to this the skin will begin to feel heated after a while.

4 – Irritating to the Skin

Many persons get carried away with “anything natural/ unprocessed is always better” well that’s not entirely true. Using Pure Unfiltered coconut oil can cause irritation and itchiness to freshly shaved and sensitive skin, as it contains other particles that are considered irritants.

5 – Cause Dry and Flaky Skin

Applying sealants like coconut oil directly on your skin will not only lock in but also lock out moisture. leaving the skin with limited moisture and water content, resulting in it becoming dried and wrinkled.

Previously we advised moisturizing before applying your coconut oil. That is because oils are sealants and will not penetrate the skin the replenish any moisture on their own.

6 – Adverse Reaction

Using coconut oil on your bare skin after shaving puts you at a deeper risk of having an adverse reaction. with shaving comes irritation, skin breakage, bruises, and the removal of skin barrier. Leaving the skin exposed to oils can cause swelling, burning sensations, and more.

Avoid using oils on broken skin and always patch test before applying.

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Is Coconut Oil Good For Razor Bumps

When coconut oil is applied correctly (after a moisturizer) It could reduce the risk of Post Razor Bumps. It creates an anti-inflammatory barrier over the skin. Which helps in preventing microorganisms and other impurities from seeping into pores and clogging them, blocking the pathway for the hair to grow through.

Also because it leaves the skin moisturized allowing the hair to easily glide through the pores, as compared to dried skin where the pores are usually blocked causing the hair to coil back downwards (ingrown hair)

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Coconut Oil After Shaving Face

Coconut oil after shaving the face should not be used by everyone, especially if you have sensitive or oily skin. it can lead to irritation and acne breakout, as some may contain irritants and are comedogenic to skin with large pores.

However, if you never experience any problem with coconut oil. You may apply it correctly (as mentioned above) to your face only for a few hours before showering.

If You do Experience Problems with Oils

You can use a Water-based moisturizer that contains coconut extract. This will have the ability to penetrate the skin, and provide moisture and necessary nourishment, without causing any irritation.

When choosing your moisturizer ensure it is; Water-based, it calms and soothes the skin, nourishes and hydrates, and most importantly free from harmful chemicals for sensitive skin.

OR See one of the Best Moisturizers, this one is by Advance Clinicals which fits all of the above and more. Click here to read more on Amazon.

Coconut Oil After Shaving Pubic Area

After shaving Pubic Areas, you can correctly apply Coconut oil as it is safe enough for delicate areas as such. Applying it correctly will leave you with soft, smoother skin and lesser chances for ingrowth hair.

Coconut Oil After Shaving Head

Oiling directly or your bald scalp will only leave you with a dried-up, bumpy head which can even lead to flaking and dandruff. Coconut oil alone does not restore moisture to your scalp, it is a sealant, not a moisturizer.

However, coconut oil does assist in the process of restoring moisture and nourishment to the scalp. As this sealant will lock in the moisture by creating a barrier when applied after a moisturizing lotion.

Coconut Oil After shaving Underarms

Lathering coconut oil Under your arms after shaving is not that good of an idea. Coconut oil does have antibacterial properties, that could deal with bad odor-causing bacteria. But, at the same time could clog pores, interfere with the perspiration process and even lead to acne breakouts.

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